About Mike Izon

Mike Izon, Born and raised in Hawaii. He was raised in a musician’s household. Singing since toddler days he first learned ukulele at 8 years old by himself. Then eventually moved into band and then picking up the guitar.

In 2010 he recorded his first album "Book of Clichés" with Yfuzo productions. In 2012 he won the Kollaboration star award, an Asian American talent search competition. Which gave him a chance to play on the red carpet of the MAMA awards in HONG KONG. It was one of the most exciting times of his life. He then traveled back to Hawaii and won Hawaii stars in 2013. His family was hit with grief when his father passed from ALS. It was a rough time for his family but through the pain Mike persevered. He moved to LA with his girlfriend now fiancé, and his good friend Jayrod for a year. He eventually came back to Hawaii to start a whole new level of music in his career.

In August 2018 he recorded his best hit yet, Purple Haze- Mike Izon feat danmboy! The song immediately climbed the charts in Hawaii reaching #1 more than once and stayed in the top 5 for more than 7 weeks straight. It also was on the top 200 reggae list on iTunes for 11 weeks. Also in February 2019 Purple Haze was added to Promo Only's Mainstream Radio distribution along with top major recording artists. Also watch out for Mikes new hit coming out BROWN SUGAR GIRL.